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Simpal fuck video Lady Gagas parents upscale New York restaurant is infested with mice.And embarrassingly for the superstar and her family customers spotted them inside the Central Park eaterie Joanne Trattoria on the same day her father Joe Germanotta boasted that health inspectors gave it a clean bill of health.According to shocked diners saw rodents running around the tables inside the restaurant and in the patio on July 31.Embarrassing Lady Gagas family run restaurant Joanne Trattoria in New Yorks Central Park has been overrun by mice after health inspectors gave it the green lightOne customer managed to take photos of the mice which were coming into the restaurant through a hole in the wall next to the patio and were nibbling on bits of bread on the floor and even getting up on tables.The 27yearold superstars familyrun restaurant has been beset with problems since it opened its doors in January 2012.Joanne Trattoria was recently downgraded to a B hygiene rating after inspectors found a bad potato and no wash hands signs.Downgraded Joanne Trattoria the New York restaurant owned by Lady Gagas parents has received a B hygiene rating after a health inspectors new assessmentHer father Joe was so angry that he took to his Twitter to protest about the decision.He wrote Great story of NYC makin

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18 ages sexy girll Lady Gaga has admitted she was left bankrupt after spending millions on crazy outfits for her Monsters Ball tour.The 25yearold singer said she was left 1.82million in debt after the production which ran for 18 months and 200 shows.However Gaga famed for her unique fashion sense including the now infamous meat dress she wore to last years MTV Video Music Awards revealed she had no idea about the extent of her financial problems.Bankrupt The crazy outfits Lady Gaga wore on her Monsters Ball tour left her 1.82million in debtShe said Other than that I put everything in the show and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of the Monster Ball. And it was funny because I didnt know And I remember I called everybody and said Why is everyone saying I have no money This is ridiculous I have five No. 1 singles and they said Well youre 3m in debt. It was the rejigging at the beginning of the tour which eve

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